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If you are in love with cooking or own a business that revolves around cooking and food, you will know how the kitchen can accumulate fats, oil, and grease particles; also called FOG collectively, over the passage of time. Cleaning these aggressive and stubborn polluting particles is important to keep your food-related areas clean, secure, and hygienic in order to keep yourself and everyone around your safe and healthy.

What Is A Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a plumbing device installed in most food service organizations like restaurants, bakeries, cafes, bars, hotels, schools, and colleges(etc.). The wastewater that contains fats, oils, and grease flows into the grease trap before going into the drainage system. It is structured in such a way that it stops all the FOG particles from moving onwards and only allows clear water to escape; hence the name: grease trap. You can take advantage of our grease trap cleaning services Dubai. Therefore, we encourage you to start with your booking to benefit yourself from this service!

Why Is Grease Trap Cleaning Important?

Grease trap cleaning is important because, with the passage of time, solids and FOG build-up. And if they are left to accumulate for a very long time, they start to escape through the outlet. Moreover, in some cases, they can come back up through the inlet of the grease trap. Because of this, the grease traps must be cleaned properly with care on a regular basis. If you notice any pitfall in your grease trap system, it can lead to sewer or drain backups and poisonous smells. Careful cleaning of grease traps and their maintenance is very essential for the smooth running of your operations. Some other potential benefits of grease trap cleaning include:

  • No bad smells from clogged grease traps
  • No slowing down of water drainage from the sink
  • No blocked water circulation to the sewage system
  • No water overflow stoppage from the grease trap

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How Frequently the Grease Traps Need Cleaning?

Dubai Municipality’s guidelines state that grease traps of 40 gallons and below require weekly cleaning whereas the grease traps with a volume higher than 40 gallons need cleaning twice every month; at a 15 days interval. The inspector from the municipality only verifies your facility if a record of cleaning is present. Some international standards recommend at least once a month grease traps cleaning.

Why Choose Infinity Services As Your Grease Trap Cleaning Company?

We understand that a grease trap plays a vital role in your food service operations. Infinity Services is a grease trap cleaning company whose grease trap service is a safe, clean way to get rid of your restaurant of fats, oil, and grease; all the FOG and impurities. The professionals at Infinity Services have broadened their ability, information, and experience that is fundamental for making the oil traps stainless and usable. The cleaners and service providers at Infinity Services are trained in-house regarding grease traps cleaning so as to make them well equipped according to the market as well as the customer expectations – as customer feedback is also used as a factor in these training designs.

Our Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Our grease trap cleaning service includes three kinds of cleaning services:

  1. One-time cleaning service We will clean your grease trap(s) as a one-off cleaning service with no prior schedules of follow-ups.
  2. Emergency cleaning service We will come immediately to clean your grease traps if you are having sudden problems due to your unclean grease trap
  3. Regular cleaning service under an annual maintenance contract We will have an annual maintenance contract with you and will come to clean your grease traps after regular intervals so that you do not face any problematic situations to malfunctioning grease traps.

You can very easily book our grease traps cleaning service by wither online booking or calling our phone number. We can assure you that our guaranteed results will be helpful to you and your business as well. So without any wait, get in touch with us now!